my wonderful shaman distant cousin.

watch more of his videos, he explains the whole deal at least my experience.

Also a related link on soul retrival one of the most common Shaman tasks is here.

A video describing Auras soul damage & soul retrieval is below.

How to remove entities video is below


Pray this isn't how loved ones end up I personally believe that if we all forgive each other nobody except people who staunchly refuse to acknowledge Jesus as saviour gets into heaven or maybe they do even Hitler and worse. But top of the pops if one doesn't accept Jesus one is a murderer at heart unless they can prove Jesus is a madman. See the link here if you think he isn't God people had the unlimate Shamanic experience of stepping into the mind of God seeing all past presents and futures of everybody on Earth if not the entire multiverse.

here is a good link about narrative storylines which intellectually dilutes the seriousness of the above video by Adrian Field

John Horton Conways game of Life

This IMHO was Gods first prototype for the Universe and was there a fall of ADAM in this game of Life too. There is a wikipedia link describing conways game of life here.

I've a friend another Conway playing a game of Silicon Valley.

I thought I had an original idea making Conways game of interactive and a video game out of it called New Jerusalem Hill, a turn based game where Satan destroys & God creates. There is food, health, sex, STD's war sin & prayer in the Game & the 10 commandments & it will be multiplayer.

Have a look at these links for an example.
Game Of Life

Game of Life interactive demo click the mouse on the game of life to get the idea.

Recent Sign in Heaven,Jesus is coming.

Enjoy, say your prayers & repent.
An interesting but less supernatural cross from Jan 20 2016 is here.
Below is a particularly powerful video on the Rapture also by Jason Paul, the last 10 minutes is particularly powerful.

Best rapture explanation video I've seen to date this guy is wired and on the money.

A bit of food for thought for you why doesn´t God get rid of evil. To do this he would have to destroy all evil in the world and throw bad men into Hell. He does not want us to go to Hell & this is why he is delaying his return while giving more dreams and visions to the YouTube generation that he is coming. People in rebellion against a good God explains the evil acts of men.

Caroline Myss an excellent popular author who I learned a lot from, medical intuitive ( describing a person as a literal pain in the neck is a real experience which manifests itself ) our bodies go out of shape from unforgiveness & theologian has the concept of a Sacred Contract which I might ta…

good anti Drawinian evolution arguments

Loads of additional creationalist arguments found on YouTube here.

Video on mormon belief systems

No hell, like the Jehovas witnesses.